Practice Areas

Practice Areas

McKeever Health & Clinical Services covers a variety of practice areas to meet your needs. Our current specialties are listed below.

Adjusting to change of life and transitions

Family/Marital Issues

Work-related issues

Parenting practices

Postpartum mental health challenges

Pain management

Testing and Psychological evaluations

Complex developmental & social/emotional concern testing

Autism testing

Adhd testing

Dementia testing


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We look forward to serving you!

We are available to meet with you individually or in a group, whether you want to schedule a workshop with your team at work or a group of friends.

Mental health is important in all aspects of life, especially at work.

Corporate Groups

McKeever Health offers a variety of presentations and workshops to bring your team closer together, develop strategies to solve office conflicts, and prevent burnout and help create a healthy and supportive workplace. We can meet with your team virtually or in person.

Our Services

Diversity training

Wellness workshops

Crisis intervention

Professional development

Team cohesion

Small Groups

Are you interested in improving your mental health and don’t know where to begin?
Do you want to develop deeper relationships with your friends, significant other, or children?

McKeever Health can create and lead therapeutic workshops designed for your small group. We can meet with you virtually or in person.


Mental health in a virtual world

Parenting children with Autism

Learning acceptance

Understanding life transitions

What is self-care?


Or anything else your group is interested in! We are available for your needs.

Please call, email, or fill out this contact form if you are interested!

We are happy to provide you with more information and work with you to schedule a time to meet.

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